We bought a new house and our bathroom shower had small 4" white tiles from 20 years ago installed directly on the drywall - Yikes! They had to be replaced because they were falling off the wall. We can't stop looking at our new shower and floor and thinking how amazing it is now!"
Dave, Cottage Grove
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We were very pleased with our salesperson, Bob. He was always available whe we needed to talk to him, and he was very knoledgeable about the flooring products we were interested in. We felt the installers took pride in their work and the finished product. We were very pleased with the outcome, and could tell that they were too. Crown Flooring is well layed out and has many samples of the various flooring products to choose from. We looked at other stores, and decided we wanted to work with Crown Flooring based on our initial visit.
Sue & John, Madison
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We want to express how pleased we were with our whole Crown Flooring experience. From your expert help with the bid, measuring and securing materials to the installers going above and beyond to make the unusual situation with the closet doors upstairs work with laying the carpeting (they were able to cut down the doors and reinstall them a little differently so there wouldn't be a carpet-less gap between the closet opening and the room). They really did a super job. We are very happy and will be sure and send any referrals we can to Crown. Thanks again!
Matt & Heidi, Monona

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